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We are going to have an amazing year. I can’t wait to get to know you! I am ready to help you grow and get ready for middle school. We have many things to learn, so I hope you are ready. I will be teaching Math, Science, and US History. I believe that teaching is an adventure and so I would love for you to come with me. I love to learn about everything and so I will be sharing what I learn with you. I know you have things to teach me too !
I love being a teacher! I have been working with kids, teaching & coaching forever. I have lived in quite a few places. I started out in Kearney NE, but have made my way across the state and then with a couple stops in Tennessee & Colorado. I graduated with Masters degrees in Criminal Justice and K-8 Education. I have two wonderful girls, Toria & Becca. Toria and Becca are all the way over in West Virginia at college, competing in Swimming and learning to be a lawyer and a counselor. They keep me busy along with about a dozen hobbies.
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Tisha Thacker
5th Grade Teacher
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